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I really am trying to get in better shape. Every few months I make a renewed effort to eat healthier and get to the gym more often… but as we know, the best intentions…blah, blah, blah. I have two main issues with the whole health craze:

  1. Healthy eating takes too long to fix.
  2. Working out goes against my natural state of doing nothing.

Okay, so I could make the effort to prepare healthy food. Nuking veggies doesn’t take that long. But fresh are better for you than frozen, which is better for you than canned. Okay, but fresh veggies add time – you have to go through the whole hassle of picking them out, then they must be washed because they either have pesticides or just pests. Plus, who knows how many peoples grubby, dirty hands have touched them. Plus, I’m not big on cooking. If you can’t slap it together in less than 5 minutes, then it’s just taking too long. And this mentality leads to some basic foods: canned soup, sandwiches, cereal, and frozen prepared foods (read Lean Cuisine).

On the gym front, I can go consistently for about 6-8 weeks, then I just start finding excuses. And when I say consistently, I’m talking about cardio 4-6x/week for at least 45 minutes, at least 1 stretching class (usually yoga), and weight training 2x/week for 30 minutes. After about 8 weeks, I apparently get bored, because the excuses get easier and easier. Like today, I actually made it to pilates at lunch with full intentions of going back after work to do cardio. I even left my bag and sunglasses in a locker just to make myself go back. But with now 5 o’clock looming on the horizon, part of me says, I did pilates and can do cardio tomorrow… And so it goes.

And once again, the progress I’ve made is starting to go down the tubes. It’s not like I’m obese or have any serious health issues, but I could stand to drop a pant size or two, slim down the middle, and firm up those arms. Of course my biggest enemy is the media. I’m over seeing too-skinny actresses talking about their battle with eating disorders and the pressure to be thin in Hollywood. Here’s a thought ladies, don’t take it! For once, stop being catty to each other, and band together and say enough! Force Hollywood execs to accept the fact that women should have curves, not be a flat-chested-could-pass-for-an-adolescent-boy. If we have to see 60 year old, not looking too hot, shirtless Sly Stallone in the new Rocky movie, then we can certainly demand more realistic looking women. Besides, I hate to break it to you Hollywood, but thin does not necessarily equal good actor. Thank you Kate Winslet.

So on that note, I will just head home to comfy sweatpants. Love me, love my curves. At least I have a chest (and it wasn’t purchased). I hate to sweat anyway…