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As the holiday season approaches, I face the dilemma that so many travelers face when visiting family – the pajama debate. Typically, I only sleep in a tee-shirt. That’s it. No socks, no bottoms, no undies. Just a big, soft tee. In my house, we have not problems with this sleeping gear. And in we, I mean me and my cats. No one cares if a bit of bare fanny is showing, because let’s face it, cats are always in their birthday suits and as long as you pet and feed them, they could care less about everything else. But at mom’s house, this sleeping attire, or lack thereof, may cause issues. These issues include, mom rising early, the dog, grandkids running around, and various other family members popping in through the two weeks I’ll be home, combined with I have to use the guest bathroom – which is the main bathroom located in the hall – very easy viewing right around the corner from the living room.

I could just keep a bathrobe or sweatpants near the bed to use when the case arises for me to make way from the bedroom to the bath. But that doesn’t eliminate the problem of the grandkids. My niece, while adorable, doesn’t people close doors for a reason. And sleeping late with her around … not an option. Add the dog in with the niece and no pjs … you’ve just created a recipe for disaster.

With these thoughts in mind, I debate on exactly what to wear. My mom encourages nightgowns. Me, I can’t stand gowns because they wrap and twist around my legs. That’s no good. Another consideration, I could go with a pj set (top with matching bottoms), but again, the pant legs twist and ride up. Then I have the short option instead of the pants. But no one wants to see me in shorts, especially me, and besides, talk about riding up. . That just doesn’t make for a nice morning picture. In essence, I toss and turn way too much and sleep way to hot which is why I went commando in the first place. But in the spirit of holiday travel, I guess I have to go with the lightweight pj pants.

Now… where to buy some…