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An unmarked white, UPS-like truck pulls up outside with only a blue stripe down the side. Across the top, right about the windows, 5 red safety lights in a one-three-one pattern, although the fifth one is missing. It has the look of having been painted, as if white was not the original color. Rust adorns the driver’s side top mirror. The dual windows show a small red plastic cup nestled in a cup holder, and blue notebook placed just outside the driver’s reach on the passenger side. This truck only includes a driver’s seat in blue plastic covering. The driver, looking remarkably like Kevin James from the King of Queens, emerges wearing a non-descript navy jacket with a white patch on the pocket, a white button-down shirt (untucked) navy pants, and black sneakers carrying his black baseball hat.. From the third floor, I watch as he enters the building, exiting my view. Moments later, he reappears, walks north toward the second building, and enters. His cargo and purpose, unknown.

In today’s society of bombings, shootings, and just all-outcraziness, I have to wonder his purpose. Could this person and truck be up to no good? He parked (versus ramming his vehicle into the building), but maybe that’s part of the ploy Or have I read too many David Baldacci books? Maybe I’ve just watched the news too much, and now I see conspiracy and doom behind every door. Maybe the news in brainwashing us to believe in water on Mars, global warming, and the Middle East. Maybe I have imagined the whie, unmarked UPS-like truck parked below. Heck, maybe I’m not even at work, but dreaming, or worse, in some kind of experimentally induced coma and all of this is simply a delusion. Maybe I don’t even exist, but am simply a figment of someone else’s imagination. In that case, I think I’ll sign off and go to lunch. Ciao!