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This morning on GMA (Good Morning America), the fashion topic was the oversized bags that women carry and the potential shoulder and back problems resulting from carrying these oversized purses or handbags. Why do they carry these giant bags? Mainly because that’s the fashion trend. If Hollywood carries something and deems it cool, so must the average Jill. That got me thinking about the unfairness of genders and fashion.

First, let’s look at purses. Why do women carry purses, especially these oversized ones that can cause a variety of issues? When interviewed, some women pulled out everything but their bathroom sink – make-up bags, massive wallets, checkbooks, paperwork, books, lunch (someone had a ziploc bag of broccoli soup), various kids things, photos, all sorts of hair products (some even full-sized), etc. Good grief! I have a smaller gym bag!

Historically, men carried purses. A man’s purse consisted of a leather drawstring pouch to carry coins, and was often looped through men’s girdles or belts for safety. Not until much later did women begin carrying bags, and then still for practical purposes. Now women carry handbags like they won’t be home for days. Plus they complain about all the stuff their lugging and how heavy it is! My theory: the bigger the bag, the more crap you’ll find to stuff in it. So, just buy a small bag and make the kids put their stuff in a kid-sized backpack. A small wallet with money, driver’s license, and insurance card; a small antibacterial hand sanitizer; a small pack of tissues; a pen; a few coupons – that’s all in my purse. What more do I need? If I’m going out of town, I have a suitcase (on wheels).

But men, what do they have? Wallets – a wallet in their back pocket – that’s it. So simple and practical. Do they feel the need to carry an extra pair of socks “just in case”? No. Of course, the fashion industry preys on women, convincing them they need the latest trend. I say take a stand, carry a smaller purse or go all out and don’t even carry a purse. Why do you need a $500+ handbag anyway that looks like you live out of it? Unless it can do alot more other than carry my wallet, I have better things to do with $500 and I won’t look like a bag lady.

Much more on this topic later…