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I’ve had a major case of writer’s block. Or maybe more precisely, writer’s intimidation. I read other blogs and think, wow…. how creative, funny, insightful. And then I think how blah mine is in comparison. Then if I actually had some topic or thought to write about, I think why would anyone want to read this. After debating this internally for a half hour, I end up staring at a blank blog and writing nothing. So in four or so months, I’ve only written 11 posts & one is still a draft. Pathetic really.

The novel I started is also suffering this same fate, as well as my poetry. I think I have great thoughts until I actually start attempting to write them down, then the doubt comes, then the paranoia. The first few years, I blamed the block on working in corporate america – soul sucking, creativity draining, corporate america. I still think this is partially to blame, but I’ve realized I’m just panicky & scared. Then I get paranoid that when others have previously complimented my work, they were just being nice to spare my feelings. This line of thought quickly turns circular, and I’m back to panic, doubt, and paranoia until I just walk away and zone out zombie-like in front of the idiot tube. (At least TV has one useful aspect.)

Anyway, I’m going to a poetry weekend in May and I’m hoping that will help instill some confidence, or at least some good feedback.

Anyway, not that you cared, but here it is.