At the beginning of this month, I turned in my notice. I had no idea how liberated I’d feel. Just peachy with a side of keen.

To backtrack a bit … spring semester 2001 I began working for my current company. After graduation, I accepted a full-time position. Moved into a “better” position in the spring of 2002. Then in 2005, I moved halfway across the country… by myself … to a new position at headquarters. (Oh glorious headquarters with all the VPs and SVPs.)

Anyway, away from family and friends, I settled into a new life. Adapting to this large metroplex with its flat land and hot, triple-digit weather (summer 9 months a year), I made new friends, and learned a lot about myself. The main lesson I learned: I have no place in corporate america. A good 6 years of solid effort, I can no longer play the internal political games, no longer work to put another penny in a stockholder’s pocket, and no longer tolerate the de-empowering BS. So, after two years and change, I will finally say goodbye to Dallas.

In celebration of my impending departure, some work friends decided to throw a Happy Hour, or what I call the “Goodbye or Good Riddance” party (depends on your point of view). And on this note, I finally say Ciao Dallas, hello East Coast!