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It’s now been two whole months since I gladly viewed Texas in my rear view mirror (hey, isn’t that a song?). And this summer has gone by in a flash as I count down in single-digit days moving day to Pennsylvania. At times, it almost seems that I just dreamed the whole living in Texas thing. Then again, sometimes it seems that I musta been crazy to quit my job, uproot, and move back across country to go $100K+ in debt for a dream. And at other times, it doesn’t seem like I should even be 31, but maybe 25, 26. Hmmm…

My other thoughts include:

  • wondering if which emotion, anxiety or excitement, is winning;
  • calculating expenses, and going mad by the thoughts of a terribly tight budget;
  • determining if one can actually do nothing and make a living;
  • wishing my powerball numbers would magically win an excessively large jackpot;
  • and, reflecting on what life will be like without my cats for 12 months, then getting depressed about the thought.

So, with all this mumbo jumbo swirling around the ole gray matter, I stay amazed that I get any sleep at all.