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With 78 days until graduation, the job search has become an all-consuming effort. An absolutely rotten year to be hunting for a position & creativity with a side of flexibility has become the key. It will be nice when the law profession decides to catch-up with the real world and develops a national bar exam instead of individual state exams. But I digress…

So far, I’ve applied to 33 jobs and have gotten 13 official rejects. I say official because I have no idea if some will ever give me any kind of reply. The creativity comes in that I’ve applied to non-law specific jobs. The flexibility enters in the fact that I will move anywhere – I’ve applied to jobs from coast to coast and even overseas.

Anyway, I keep searching, keep asking and keep plugging away. Hopefully, this will pay off (before graduation). Fingers crossed.

And in the meantime, if anyone needs a former MBA, soon-to-be law grad focused on environmental law, well, give me a call.