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So I’ve been working out with a trainer for a bit over a month now. During one of my first sessions, my trainer did my body fat % and measured everything (calves, thighs, hips, waist, arms, chest). Today I see how far I’ve progressed in a month. My trainer has high expectations – he’s estimating a loss of 3% body fat and 7 total inches. I know I’ve lost some – some I didn’t want to lose, like in the tatas. But, I can tell my calves are definitely tighter and more defined and my arms have more definition. I guess I’ll see what the actual outcome is. And of course, this is only the 1st checkpoint – 3 more to go before the end of the semester. My overall goal is to lose 12% body fat and 50 pounds.

In fitness, I know I’ve gotten stronger/more endurance. I can run longer intervals and overall time, and my recovery is quicker. My fitness goals are to run 2 miles without stopping (then 4, then finally 6), 10 pull-ups unassisted, standing back-bend, and plank to crocodile back to plank 10 times.

My first event of the year, a 5K, is in April. I aiming to do it in less than 30 minutes (so I will consider 29 minutes and 59 seconds a victory). Then I’m trying to find a 10K to do sometime this summer, a 1/2 in the fall, then Goofy Challenge next January. I’m registered, and I’ll sign up for Team in Training in late summer.

So, here’s to thinking light & airy thoughts!