It’s been a few weeks, so here’s the update.

Spring Break was the week of March 7. I went back to Tennessee with good intentions of getting out everyday & at least walking 30 minutes. Well… that just didn’t happen. First, I was mentally exhausted. Second, it rained the majority of the week. But, I did keep to my goo eating habits and when I got back to Pennsylvania, I had lost a pound. A week off sometimes does you good.

Then back to working out regularly… well… again that didn’t happen so well. The first week back, I did have 3 strength training session (an extra one to make up for my week gone). But I didn’t make it into the gym on the other 2 days to just do cardio. But no worries. I still lost another 1.5 pounds.

So this week has been back on the bandwagon. I didn’t make it Tuesday because of meetings and errands, and I hate going after 4:00pm because it gets so crowded. But I did go today and did my 75 minutes. The best part is I ran a 1/2 mile without stopping – and that’s saying something since I run slow. Yep, I felt pretty darn awesome, especially considering 2 months ago I could barely run one minute. Plus, I’m doing low, mid & high incline intervals now. Here’s what I did:

0-4 minute: 3.7 mph @ 5% incline
4-9 & change minute: 5.3 mph @ 1% (my 1/2 mile)
10-15: 3.7 mph @ 5%
15-20: 3.5 mph @ 7.5%
20-25: 3.7 mph @ 2.5%
25-30: 5.3 mph @ 1%
30-35: 3.7mph @ 2.5%
35-40: 3.7 @ 5%
40-45: 3.5 mph @ 7.5%
45-47.30: 3.7 @ 2.5%
47.30-50: 5.2 @ 1%

Then I did 20 min on the eliptical. And although incredibly sweaty (I don’t glisten, I sweat), I have felt fantastic since – almost hyper. It’s incredible how much energy I have lately, then you add a runner’s high on top of that. Oh man, what a great feeling.

Next Wednesday is my 2 month measurement. I’m a little nervous, but at least this time, the scale is starting to reflect my hard work. If you remember, my first month, the scale didn’t move AT ALL! But I still lost 15 total inches and 2% body fat. So never go by the scale alone. But it is nice to see the scale move.

Until next Wednesday…