In starting a new blog, I felt mondo pressure to have a fabulous first post. I mean, if you don’t have a great start, A) how are you going to get readers, and B) why will those readers tell others to read. I decided on a title, then proceed to stare blankly at the page. I sweated and struggled over exactly what to write and before I knew, an entire week went by and this page remained blank, except for what I now consider to be a lame title.

Deleting that page along with the now lame title, I refocused. I went to a yoga workshop, then plopped back down in front of the ole Mac. (Note, I love expressive verbs, crazy adjectives, and parentheses.) Instead of immediately writing, I checked out the features of WordPress a bit more. I previously used Blogger (don’t judge), which is so easy, a blind monkey could use it. WordPress, tho, not so much in the inherent easy department.

I first noticed the generic, default title of the default first post – “Hello world!” And as you can see, I opted to keep it. In a blog that will thrive on snarkisms, sarcasm and cynicism, the optimistic and almost childish naivety of this title, the exclamation point driving home the gleeful happiness, struck me as funny and made me giggle. Hence, I decided to keep the title. (Also, I love using pompous sounding words like “hence.” It’s the little things in life that make me giggle.)

So, Hello world! And welcome to Not Drinking Coffee.