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Okay, so I haven’t written a post in almost a year. Typical me. I start something then never finish it. Like I started guitar lessons, then I moved to a new state, and 8 months later my guitar is still sitting in the corner of my office staring at me. I also have a bag full of half started cross-stitch projects, a reel of yarn and a half dozen crochet hooks, and a huge bag of coins anxiously waiting for me to go through them and find them a place in my album.

I know, you’re thinking: But coins aren’t really the anxious type. Pensive maybe, by definitely not anxious. But I’m telling you, this bag is anxious. You would be too if you sat on a table staring for over six months.

I like to blame my slackerness on things like writer’s block and the fact that I’m in the midst of job searching. But those are just nice excuses.

At this juncture, I think it’s important to inform you that I’m the queen of excuses. I got a million of them for any occasion, especially if you want to go off your diet. Need an excuse, I can make one for ya. A nice believable one that will convince any psyche.

I also like to blame my slackerness on my law-school-induced-ADHD. (Didn’t know that was a thing, did ya?) I swear law school completely fried my brain and had made me compulsively check Facebook 50 times a day. Pre-law school, I never even considered Facebook. (I went to college pre-Facebook, pre-smart phones. Most of us still used pagers back then.) I’d also like to blame the tech industry as a whole for creating gadgets that 1) fascinate me to my geeky core and 2) distract me with alarming precision. I totally can see tech gadgets taking over the world one smart phone at a time and we’re standing in line just waiting.

As an armchair psychologist, I have determined that my real problem has been my slackerness itself. I’m not a true Type A person, but I do thrive on maintaining a happily busy schedule. That and actually having writer’s block, which actually is a symptom of the slackerness. But for the moment, I’m not really that busy (other than blowing through my unread book pile).

Oddly enough, reading is the one area that I haven’t slacked in at all. I read over 100 books last year and those were just the ones I read for pleasure. And I’m on target to at least meet that goal again this year.

What has finally snapped me out of my writer’s block is Soldiers’ Angels (www.soldiersangels.org). I stumbled across this really cool group from one of Postsecret.com’s Sunday Secrets. Someone had sent an email to Frank replying to a secret. The email stated that her soldier broke it off when he left and she wanted to find a way to find another soldier to send her love and thanks to. A tweet was posted in reply to that linking to SA. I clicked the link to the site, read about what they do, and thought cool. There’s different levels of participation, but I became an “approved angel” so I could “adopt” a soldier, which means I write him at least one letter a week and send one care package a month until he comes home. And yep, that’s writing the ole fashioned way – pen to paper. Or pencil if you prefer.

After I got his name and address, I immediately started writing. I chose to start with a black note card, figuring I’d introduce myself, say a little bit, and then end it. I’d fulfill my duty of a letter, but the note card would help make the letter look not so pitiful if I didn’t write too much. I wrote on the entire card, and then 3 sheets of legal paper. I couldn’t believe it. I told him all sorts of stuff about me, about my dog, about the weather (which I’m sure he’s laughing at right about now). Then two days later, I started writing another letter. Again I started with a card, and again, I ended up writing on the entire card, and then 2 sheets of legal paper. And I my normal handwriting is fairly small. In 2 weeks, I’ve written almost 5 letters (#5 is in progress as we speak.) Three weeks ago, I couldn’t write my way out of a paper bag. And I never could keep a diary (another unfinished project, or should I say projects for the number of times I started to keep a diary and then failed). But give me an actual person to write to, and BAM! I’m writing every other day, and when I’m not writing I’m thinking of things to write. I amaze myself sometimes.

So all that letter writing has gotten my blogging blood boiling again. Be prepared to be blogged.