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After all of five posts (and now six), I’ve gotten a total of 16 spam comments. Yep, over 3x as many spam comments than actual posts and 8x as many than real comments. Some of the comments don’t even make any sense, like “thank you for sharing your secrets. I normally don’t read product reviews.” WTF!? Um, I don’t remember reviewing any products or sharing any secrets, much less share any product secrets.

Some of the comments are clearly from spambots, trolling the interwebs just looking for innocent blogs to prey upon (see the above example). But others are clearly from spammers trying to shill innocent bloggers into whatever snake oil their selling. For example, one comment was about helping with job hunting for JDs (i.e., lawyers). This particular troll picked up on the keyword “lawyer” that I put my “about me.” But who believes about me sections? I wrote it, so I could put that I was an astronaut. (I actually am a lawyer, but I could be an astronaut or astro-physicist, but I hate math.)

So, to all those spammers and spambots commenters, to you I say NiPeng, and Neee-wom*.

You now should be sufficiently shaking in your spambot boots.

So there.

*If you don’t get the reference, you clearly need to watch more Monty Python.