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I am a tweeter. But I admit, I’m not particularly brilliant or funny or interesting. In fact, I often am just re-tweeting brilliant, funny and/or interesting things that other people have tweeted. However, this past week, I’ve experience several awesome tweet experiences.

First and foremost, my blogging hero, The Bloggess (@thebloggess on Twitter) followed me. Wow. Absolutely wow that she would follow little ole me. Of course, this did occur after I complimented one of her posts by calling it “brilliant.” But hey, I already admitted that I’m not the bestest at creating my own tweets. I just am good at marketing other people’s tweets. (Is there career potential in that?)

Well, after that, how could the week get better?

I actually had one of my tweets re-tweet 3x and favorited once! Yep, that’s right – THREE whole re-tweets. Now for most of you, that probably doesn’t seem like very many. But this was one of my original tweets, not a re-tweet. For me, three re-tweets is a TOTAL WIN!

Lastly, a town AND a movie has followed me. That’s right. Colorado Springs (@COSprings_Buzz) AND Quantum Theory (@QuantumMovie) has followed me. Now who’s looking so lame in the tweet department. I bet you haven’t had a city AND a movie follow you.

So I think I’m on a roll. I mean, I only have 84 followers (as of today), but once you have a blogging genius, a city, and a movie follow you, the followers are bound to line up around the block … any minute now.

If you want to be a part of my tweeting awesomeness, follow me @bluesnowkat. Bonus points if you’re something more special than an imaginary boat lost somewhere of the coast of Alaska.