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For years I’ve listened to folks ramble on their children. How awesome, smart, funny, athletic, brilliant, artistic, talented, genius their Johnny or Jane is. I listen until I want to choke myself … or them, which is about 5 seconds into the conversation because I know that Johnny and Jane are actually little monsters who have no manners, no boundaries, and tell their parents what to do.

These are the same people who keep trying to convince me that somehow my life is incomplete and/or worthless because I don’t have a precocious child of my own. Really? Really?!

I have a child. My child has four legs and a tail, chases balls, and likes to stick his head out of the windows of moving vehicles. He makes me get out and take walks. He dances when I get  home from work. And no matter how crappy of a day I’ve had, he loves me and makes me smile. Maybe he’s not what you consider a “child,” but he’s mine and he’s awesomeness wrapped up in one scruffy, little 13lbs package.

So for all those naysayers who think that somehow my life is incomplete because someone forgot the birth control, I say you have no idea how much better my life is because of this little dog. And remember, I choose my child.

Don’t buy, adopt. And please, do your research to make sure your pet fits your lifestyle. For more information, check out these sites: