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At the end of March, I’m headed to Salt Lake City for a conference on environmental law. This is exciting, at least for me, for two reasons.

First, a major networking opportunity. As I’m nearing the one-year mark on my judicial clerkship, I’ve already begun looking for that next job. In an ideal situation (which involves an economy that’s doing much better than it is in reality), I’d gleefully accept employment from an environmental non-profit. With the current economic situation, I’m facing an uphill battle – just one more faceless resume on a mountain of resumes that includes many attorneys with a few more years experience than I currently have.

But that’s where the conference comes into play. No longer will I be faceless, as I will {fingers crossed} meet many people, including potential employers. Armed with a stack of business cards and a pile of resumes, I plan to network my little heart out.

[And if you happen to be a legal employer reading this blog, go here to view my resume.]

The second reason all has to do with my bucket list. Long before Warner Bros. made the movie, I have had a list of things I want to accomplish in my life. Travel dominates my list, as I love to explore new places and cultures. And one of my very top list activities is to visit all 50 states. To date, I’ve visited 32 states (and lived in 3). So, my trip to Utah in March will add +1, leaving me with only 17 more to go. Yee-haw!

(Are there cowboys in Utah? And if so, do Utah cowboys say “Yee-haw!”?)

So, I’m one step closer to marking off one of my bucket list goals. As for the rest of the bucket list, let’s just say it’s not carved in stone because it’s constantly changing. I’ve met many a goal, but always seem to add three for every one crossed off. As to what the rest of the list says, … well, a girl has got to have some mystery about her.

[Unless you’re independently wealthy and would like to make some of those goals come true, then email me ASAP!]