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A while back I wrote about my disproportion number of “spambot” comments. Spambot comments, for those of you too lazy to read the previous post, are comments made by trollers that make no sense and/or provide links to take you to skeezy sites or snake-oil selling sites.

But I deal with the enemy spambot comments by deleting them. Easy peasy, problem solved. But a newer, more nefarious enemy has come to my attention through my use of Twitter. Over time, I have gained a small following. However, a good number of these have been the Sexbot Twitter Followers (or STFs). These STFs are followers who appear to be real people (i.e., have real sounding names), but in the space where you write something about yourself, STFs only have a link to porn website.

How do I know it’s a porn website you ask skeptically? No, I don’t click on the link. The link clearly has a key word. Most often that word has seemed to be “porn,” but any number of porn-type words may appear. Plus, the STFs usually have no tweets. Although recently, I’ve encountered some STFs who have reasonable tweets. For example, one STF recently tweeted “Without discipline, there’s no life at all.”


Still, STFs lose me with the porn link. Those STFs without any tweets or skeezy porn tweets, I instantly block. Those STFs that have tweeted reasonable tweets, well… I’ll let them follow me, but I don’t follow them.

Hey, don’t judge! A girl has got to have a follower or two. You know you do the same…

UPDATED, Within an hour of tweeting this post, I got a genuine STF follower. No tweets, but this STF actually had a “profile” that started with “I Love My Job!” You can imagine the rest of that – actually, it left nothing to the imagination because the STF pretty much spelled out what she does for a living, and it ain’t crocheting baby blankets. But she did break one STF stereotype – the url she posted did not have a key porn word in it.