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This topic I hesitated to post and I apologize in advance to anyone who may be offended. Everyone has their favorite. Hours have been spent debating the merits. Arguments erupt over the most trivial points. There’s just no consensus – and the debate spans ethnic, religious, socio-economic statuses. I mean, how do you choose? There’s quite a few to choose from, and each have their own special trait that makes them who they are.

Maleficent_Dragon_-Wallpaper-_copyBut, for me, hands down, the BEST Disney Villain is Maleficent. She’s conniving (despite being snubbed, offers a “gift”), sinister (curses a baby to die), devious (traps Prince Phillip), and powerful (hello, dragon form AND she can transport at will). Plus, she has some pretty awesome minions (all evil beings need minions), including a raven named Diablo. All of which adds up to awesome PURE EVIL!

Now you may believe other Disney villains are better. I completely give credit to the other Disney villains .. Ursula (giver of dreams), Captain Hook (pirate!), Cruella De Vil (points for an awesome name and crazy hair), Scar (who wouldn’t want Hyena minons), Evil Queen (bakes a mean apple pie and has a talking mirror), Doctor Facilier (friends on the other side), Jafar (hypno power and a Iago), Queen of Hearts (lovely beheading axe). 

BUT c’mon, Maleficent turns into a frickin’ DRAGON! That tops everything else in my book.

I know most of you probably disagree. But that’s the great thing about living in this day and age – we can agree to disagree.


So, who’s your favorite: