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My friend @automatic7 challenged me to do the Start Experiment. The Start Experiment is to “punch fear in the face.” What’s that mean, you ask? Well, it starts with a dream.

Everyone has at least one secret dream. A dream you’ve tucked away into a secret part of your heart – writing a novel, doing stand up comedy, starting a new business, getting in shape, etc. And once in a while, you bring out your dream, look at it longingly, and think “oh, if only I could.” But fear keeps you from going after that dream. Whether it be the fear of failure, fear of money, fear of what other people think, there’s something that keeps you from going after you’re dream.

Thus, the purpose of the Start Experiment – punch fear in the face and start your adventure. But instead of trying to go it alone, there’s a community of others, also going after their dreams (safety in numbers). So you go after your dream, along side others going after their dreams, and we all support and encourage each other as we all punch fear in the face.

Neat idea, huh?

So, the purpose is to get started, but how? Well, that’s where the experiment comes in. First you select a group to join based on either your interest or location. You choose and announce your “risk” to your group. Your risk is what you are going to do to start achieving your dream. Then each day for 24 days you get a daily task to help you move forward. No excuses, no fear, just awesomeness.

So what’s my dream and how am I tackling it? Well, check back for part 2 on the #StartExp.