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As I explained what the Start Experiment was in the previous post, here’s what I decided to tackle – blog writing. That’s right (or should I say “write”). My risk is to write one blog post every day for 24 days.

But how do I have any fear of blogging since I’ve been doing it since 2006? Good question.

Really, I don’t really have a lot of fear as far as following dreams. As I alluded to in a previous post (on the old site), I said ciao to my old life and followed my dream (more on that in a future post). Then I did it again just this summer. So, I’m pretty good at staring fear in the face and laughing. (But not laughing in a maniacal, evil genius way, more in a in-your-face kind of way.)

Then why do the Start Experiment? Well, really for the discipline and accountability. To succeed at any goal, most of us need accountability. Me in particular. I’m great at starting projects. I’m not great at finishing them. I’ve blogged more than once about how I will blog more consistently … only to not do so. That’s where the Start Experiment comes into play. I’ve now told a lot of people that I will be blogging, at least a little blurb of something, every day for 24 days. Since I’m a bit competitive and hate to lose, I now have some strong motivation to succeed. Therefore, start experiment will end in success.

Today’s specific mission is to turn my risk into 1-3 small actions. The idea is it make it more manageable. What I did was brainstorm on some potential topics and wrote those ideas down. How crazy, right? I wrote the ideas down. Using actual pen and paper. And put the paper next to my computer. This way when I sit at my computer tomorrow, I can’t use the excuse, “but I don’t know what to write!” Mission = accomplished.

So, as the #StartExp starts today, I’m off to a great start! Here’s looking forward to 23 more days of blogging.