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So far, my StartExp is off to a tremendous start. Four days and four entries, plus two in the hopper and another half dozen ideas. Along with completing my own goal (writing one blog entry per day for 24 days), StartExperimenters are sent daily emails with helpful steps in order to successfully complete our chosen risk at the end of the 24 days.

Today’s challenge is to write down our biggest fear(s) in a journal. That’s it. Just write down your fear(s).

For me, my fear is was not finding a job. But when I verbalized this fear, I realized there was really nothing to fear. So what if I didn’t immediately find a job? What would really happen? The world certainly wouldn’t end. I’d have to give up a few luxuries, cut back on some expenditures, find free activities to do. But I wouldn’t end up living in a gutter, or have to give my pets up. (I would never willingly give up my pets.) I could find a job. Maybe not the job I really want. But something. Once I came to this realization, the stress and pressure faded, and I started to look at Plan B. But more on that tomorrow.

wise words from FDR

wise words from FDR

So dear readers, I challenge you, even if you’re not doing the #StartExp, to write down your biggest fear(s). That’s right, get ’em down on paper. Because sometimes once we actually verbalize our fear, we realize it’s not the big, bad monster we thought it was. So break free and live fearless!