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I saw this the other day and about fell over laughing.


delusional vs. dreamer – is there really a difference?

I laughed because that’s exactly the kind of response I wish I would’ve thought to say the numerous times people over the years have told me, “you’re too much of a dreamer.” (“Dreamer” is the southern polite way of saying you’re delusional.) And that would be followed by a quiet “Bless her heart” afterwards. (See, this is why dreamer is basically the same thing as delusional in the south, if it’s followed by a ‘bless her heart’.)

But can you imagine if I’d replied, “You made me *almost* fall off my unicorn!” I mean, think of the danger of falling off a unicorn. Do you really want to be responsible for that kind of tragedy? And think of the potential harm to the unicorn. (I’m sure that there is some sort of advocacy group all about not harming unicorns out there somewhere.)

So next time you want to tell someone they’re delusional, think of the potential medical bills and unicorn veterinary bills that person will incur from potentially falling off their unicorn. And you really don’t want to have to deal with those unicorn advocacy folks. Trust me. It’s just safer all around to smile and nod at the delusional person, and don’t say a word.