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After 2 weeks of posts, I’m kinda out of ideas. Well, that’s not entirely true (as I look at my list of ideas). It’s more like I have ideas but no words. It’s one of those days where my brain is tired and the words are stuck in the pipeline.

So I thought to myself, hey self, instead of trying to think of something witty and clever to say, why not just post some favorite quotes? It’s the perfect solution, right? Just post images and text of quotes.

But then I started looking at my Pinterest quote & sayings board and my Quotes word doc (only 7 pages). Wow, I have really collected quite a lot of quotes. So how to choose?

I first considered going with a theme and sharing quotes related to that theme. But I failed miserably as I couldn’t decide on which theme – inspiring, funny, bookish, geek … too many choices! So then I was just going to put a hodgepodge of my faves. But really, that was like trying to pick your favorite child. And who can do that?

Since I clearly failed miserably on today’s post, so I will instead now ‘aw’ you with the cuteness that is Theodore “Teddy” J. Fitzcatrick:

revel in his cuteness

revel in his cuteness

(I bet a large majority of you didn’t even read the post and skipped right to the photo. Admit it. That’s the kind of power that Cats have.)

UPDATE:  I just realized I even forgot to write a title and sent this poor post off into the interwebs sans title. So, this will now be known as the the title-less post. Hence the brackets.