The ‘Imagine’ Photo

The photo at the top of the blog is a photo I took the summer of 2008. I was in New York City for a conference. Walking around Central Park, I ended up in Strawberry Fields, and as you can see, I stumbled across the iconic “Imagine” mosaic. Being summer, the site was fairly packed with people, taking photos, laying down flowers, just generally standing around tourist-like. So I slipped in between people and legs, quickly pointed my camera in the general direction of the mosaic, and took a shot. I didn’t bother looking at the photo until after I got home. (It’s NYC and I was too busy having a good time.)

When I got home and downloaded my photos, I was astonished how this one photo came out. I couldn’t have planned a better picture. The light was perfect, the colors of the flowers contrasted fabulously against the black and white mosaic, and then this beautiful little girl sitting there amid the crowd … perfect.

Now I admit, I did crop it a bit to fit the blog’s frame and smudge out a few feet in the far top. But other than that, I didn’t need to edit it much at all.

I simply let the photo speak for itself and call it “Imagine.”


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