The Why of NDC

You may be asking, “why is the blog named ‘not drinking coffee?’ That seems rather random.”

Well, I’m rather a random person. A thought/idea/topic will flit in and out of my head, usually before I’ve a chance to finish the first thought/idea/topic. This makes some of my friends roll their eyes when talking to me. But here’s the actual reason.

One day I was sitting in a Barnes & Noble near the coffee bar. I had just bought a new pack of Moleskine cahier journals. (love Moleskine notebooks!) I was looking around observing the masses, as any good sociologist does, and I realized that I’ve never gotten the hang of drinking coffee. Latte, cappuccino, mocha, espresso. Tall or grande. Whipped, cinn, cream, sugar, low-fat, non-fat, steamed, etc.. Whatever the spin, I’ve just never have been able to do the cool coffee house thing.

I look back at my failed coffee drinking college years, which I clearly attribute to my descent into mediocrity. As a result, my now 30-something, pushing 40-something, life is tragically unhip.

Oh, it’s not for lack of trying. I sat in the French Quarter and ordered a cafe ole and beignets. I traveled to Nice from Paris on a train, and ordered an espresso. I tried to jive at the local coffee house on open mic night with a latte. I even attempted coolness with a sumatra. But I just can’t drink it. I end up adding too much sugar and loads of milk. At that point, it ceases being coffee.

Sadly, I gave up even trying and stuck with my tried and true green tea (steeped 3 minutes).

So my life as a tragically unhip, mediocre, non-coffee drinker has been set. I’m not even cool enough for geek status. But here I am, blogging in my own mediocre and geek-wanna-be style, with a splash of snark and a hint of sarcasm. And I thought, what better name for a blog than not drinking coffee – a phrase that says it all.

Therefore, expect a bit of everything here at NDC, as thoughts/ideas/topics flit in and out, so will by blog posts. And try to keep up, will ya?


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